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28% Sodium Chlorite

28% Sodium Chlorite

Isn't it time you felt better?

Here are 4 reasons why thousands of satisfied customer's have chosen us as their source of 28% Sodium Chlorite

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You can order from other providers but we are an Original Distributor,
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We also have an Industry-Leader Private Healthcare Membership program
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We have thousands of satisfied customers. Are you one?


“Quality of life is restored. Energy levels are greatly improved. Feel like 50 though I AM 77. Blessings.” - Larry C. from Florida

“I had a bout with half dozen mosquito bites while working in the garden one day. by the time I got into the house the bites were all inflamed and starting to itch. The only thing that I took was a dose of 6 drops and within less than half an hour the bites were all but gone with no inflammation or soreness. I never leave home without it. Thanks for being there with all the information.“ - Spencer W. from New York

“28% Sodium Chlorite has been a breath of fresh air for me. I have many health problems and am slowly working through them. One immediate thing I noticed with this product is that it has brought my condition under control. Also I seem to have more energy and a positive attitude and outlook on life. I believe I am much better due to 28% Sodium Chlorite. Thank You.” - Jon from Syndey, Australia

“When gargling with it, helped remove coffee stains from my teeth. Anytime I felt a cold or other flu-like symptoms, I started using 28% Sodium Chlorite on a regular basis for a week and my symptoms went away. I haven't had a cold, flu or any unhealthy feelings for a year.” - Sherry from Tennessee

“I'm an American living in India and 28% Sodium Chlorite has helped us so many times. We're really grateful. I love the product.” - Vichitra D. from Vrindavan, India.

Each Bottle Heat Sealed and Tamper Evident for your Safety.

Check out this video of Jim Humble talking about our BETTER TASTING Basic Detox.

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You won’t know until you try it. Some times the simple solutions are the best solutions.

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**Disclaimer** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for human or veterinary use at this time.This product is a water purification agent.Consult your health care provider.

Free Ground Shipping On The Lower 48 States! International Customers Click here
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