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14" Duct Mounted fixture, 4 lamps, 120V

14" Duct Mounted fixture, 4 lamps, 120V DC144120

14" Duct Mounted fixture, 4 lamps, 120V

SKU DC144120

Every DC fixture is manufactured and factory assembled in the U.S.A., and tested prior to shipment. Each assembly consists of housing, support bracket, electronic ballast(s), power cord and high output lamps.

FIXTURE: Housings are constructed of heavy gauge hospital grade stainless steel. Lamp changes can be done without removing the fixture from the mounting. All components are in one integrated assembly to maximize serviceability.

BALLAST: The solid-state electronic ballast (furnished with this series) is a Class P rapid start with a power factor minimum of .95. It is available as a 120, 208, 230, or 277 VAC 50/60 Hz and is designed to maximize photon production in air temperatures of 35 to 175 degrees F. Minimum ballast start temperature is minus 20 degrees F. Ballasts have a RFI - EMI rating as defined by FCC part 18A for industrial / commercial applications in regards to suppression. Ballasts are UL listed and suitable for use in air handling spaces.

LAMPS: DC Series UVC lamps are high-output (800mA), T5 tube diameter, and constructed from hard glass tubing for superior UV transmittance. Lamps are “green”, containing ²8mg of mercury (Hg) and they produce no ozone. Lamps shall retain, at minimum, 80% of initial output after 17,000 hours of use. Electrodes are designed to maximize plasma convection and stability for superior lamp performance. Lamps are rated to produce 11.7 microwatts/cm2 per linear inch of lamp arc length at a distance of one meter. This output has been independently tested in airstreams of 400 feet per minute velocities at temperatures of 45 degrees F.

INDEPENDENT TESTING: Units are tested in accordance with the general provisions of IES Lighting Handbook, 1981 Applications Volume, and provide output per 1" arc length of not less than 11.7 ?W/cm2 at 1 meter in a 400 fpm airstream of 45° F.

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