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Liquid MSM Drops - 8 Ounces

Liquid MSM Drops - Made with Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Drops2
MSM Eye Drops - Made by H2O Air Water Americas
Liquid MSM Drops - Made with Gold Standard Organic Sulfur Drops2 MSM Eye Drops - Made by H2O Air Water Americas
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renews the eyes removes floaters. Clears chemical deposits from medications. Softens the eye membrane because as we age the eye tissue becomes hardened and this product softens the tissue and returns flexibility to the eye tissue. There are many humans with eye problems. Now there is finally a natural solution to aid them in healing the eyes. It is working for me
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I just got the liquid drops and a package of crystals. Have not opened the crystals yet. I am so impressed right off the bat. I bought the drops because I have floaters and want some relief. Previously I used 2 other brands both stung one more then the other, but these don’t at all! They just feel good! I can’t wait to get through a bottle. Also I was impressed with the simple sheet of paper enclosed in my order that has tips on using the crystals. I have taken MSM for over a year (drinking) had some relief of joint pain and allergies but not as much as the hype- after reading the paper it says take it in a empty stomach with water because sulfur binds with everything! I never knew that. I intend to just stick with this company from now on with my msm purchases directly from the company ( they ship fast!)
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This product was recommended due to possibly having a risk of glaucoma. I recommended my mother use it as well due to her having vision issues. Well, one year later she told me she had to use her previous eyeglass prescription because her current one was too strong! She couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t focus until she switched to her old one. Amazing! And she’s been using it on her dog, and it’s clearing his cataracts!
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bought this to lessen the effect of eye floaters that came up from nowhere three months ago, and have used it faithfully since. unfortunately didn't feel much difference in terms of both size and location of the floater mass. the only benefit is that the floaters seem to be a bit more mobile, ie, moving more easily when you roll your eyes . it could either be that my floaters are particularly stubborn, that MSM has little therapeutic significance for floaters regardless the brands, or that this product is not effective . either way, I will continue to use it and report back if I do see benefit eventually.
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Liquid MSM Drops - 8 Ounces

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  • BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Gold Standard Liquid MSM Drops have over 20 TIMES the amount of MSM compared to similar products (4000 mg instead of 185 mg in each bottle).
  • 100% SAFE & NATURAL: Our Liquid MSM with Vitamin C is safe, natural, and made with the highest quality ingredients possible. The MSM in this product is Gold Standard Organic Sulfur, a 99.9% Pure MSM product verified by a 3rd Party.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Our Liquid MSM comes in 2 bottles that each hold 4 ounces. The bottles are plastic (BPA-free of course), and contain a glass dropper top for easy application. We would love to use glass bottles, but unfortunately they can easily get damaged while in transit.
  • ALL-NATURAL: Liquid MSM has been shown to soften the membranes of the cells, allowing them to be more permeable so nutrients can pass through and heal damage to them.
  • WE ARE THE GOLD STANDARD: Your health and safety mean everything to us. Because of that, this product is manufactured in the USA with adherence to good manufacturing policies (GMP), in a facility with high oversight and detailed quality control.



  • Distilled Water
  • Gold Standard MSM - 4000mg
  • Vitamin C - 594mg


Please call us directly at 1-816-682-6425 with questions. 

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