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5 Mistakes to Avoid


5 Categories you'll want to avoid!

I know you have taken Organic Sulfur, and I hope you are still taking it everyday and enjoying many of its fantastic benefits.

However, every once in awhile I hear about someone struggling to see benefits, or not seeing as many benefits as they used to. When a person brings this to my attention I can usually find out what is going wrong.

Almost every single time I talk to someone about this I find out that that one of the following is true:

  1. They aren't drinking enough water. Remember the formula, 1oz of water per every 2lbs of body weight.
  2. They are drinking water that contains chlorine, this will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the sulfur. If you don't have a good clean water source, you can use tap water but it must come from the hot water side.
  3. They are taking the sulfur at the same time as other medications. I recommend to take the sulfur first thing of a morning, 30 minutes before taking anything else. Why? Many other supplements contain fillers and anti-caking agents that can reduce the sulfur's effectiveness.
  4. They aren't taking enough sulfur. I recommend taking 1-1.5 teaspoons of sulfur, per 100lbs of body weight. You really want to work up to the full 1.5 teaspoons per dose for maximum benefits.
  5. They are only taking one dose. I recommend taking the 1st dose first thing of a morning, and then the second dose 2 hrs after lunch (on empty stomach).

To get the absolute most out of your Organic Sulfur it is critical to not fall into one of the 5 categories above.

I hope that if for some reason you have stopped taking your sulfur or you aren't as dedicated to it as you once were, that you can get back on board with me and the thousands of other people who are enjoying many of its life changing benefits.

Free Shipping on orders $67+ to USA 48! International Customers Click here
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