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Organic Sulfur is Essential to Good Health

Sulfur is not only one of the most common minerals but also an essential nutrient for the body. One of the functions of sulfur in your body is to help in the detoxification and regeneration of new body tissue. There was a time when the food we ate contained enough sulfur but this is no longer the case. Well, we’re talking about many decades ago when our diet comprised of fresh, organic produce. Today, however, our diet comprises of industrial and processed foods which essentially don’t contain most of the sulfur that naturally occurred in foods.

Unlike the olden days when animal manure was used in farming, today’s agricultural practices are chemical dependent which means plants only receive the basic potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen they need. This is the reason why there’s limited or even no sulfur in the soil as well as the foods we eat today.

It’s important to note that incorporating organic sulfur in your diet has many benefits to your health. Though one can use powdered products of sulfur, taking organic sulfur crystals allows the body to get a higher concentration of sulfur which will provide a full range of benefits to the body. In other words, the lesser the sulfur is processed, the higher its concentration in the product.

How is Organic Sulfur Essential to your Health?

Research has shown that cancer thrives in an anaerobic environment which means it’s more likely to grow in cells with low oxygen concentration. We all know that oxygen is crucial for human well-being and the proper functioning of our body tissues. The fact that sulfur helps to transport oxygen throughout the body cells means that it creates an aerobic environment within the body, thereby hindering the existence and reproduction of dangerous cells. By enhancing greater cellular oxygenation, your body is able to stay healthy and free from these dangerous cells.

Sulfur is a key element when it comes to maintaining a healthy skin, regulating blood circulation, reducing scar tissue, pain relief, and the regeneration of damaged nerves.  As mentioned in this discussion, sulfur is important when it comes to detoxifying the body at the cellular level. How does sulfur achieve this? First of all, it helps in the building of strong breathable cell walls which ensure the cell pressure remains balanced. The body is then able to get rid of toxins which can cause the cells to either swell or suffocate. Organic sulfur also helps in enzyme production within various glands thereby increasing or rather enhancing body resistance to infections and illnesses. It’s important to note that organic sulfur, when added to your diet, should be consumed within proper dosages.




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Free Shipping on orders $67+ to USA 48! International Customers Click here
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