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Pure MSM

Sulfur is one of the essential nutrient compounds in the body. Most of us are familiar with sulfur as one of the elements in the periodic table or just as a naturally occurring element. Well, it’s important to note the organic sulfur is one of the crucial nutrients when it comes to staying healthy. Organic sulfur serves as a building block of vibrant health. It’s one of the mineral compounds that’s essential for ensuring everything in your body is fine, from maintaining a healthy digestive system to detoxifying the body.

Understand that 100 percent straight elemental sulfur is toxic to your body, which is why MSM, an organic sulfur compound is recommended for use as a supplement. The sulfur in MSM provides your body with numerous benefits and ensures your wellbeing. Sulfur plays a major role in transporting oxygen across the body cells. With better oxidation or oxygen transportation across body cells, your body is able to stay healthy.

Why don’t our bodies get enough sulfur in our diet?

Why do you need organic sulfur or rather MSM supplements when you can get sulfur from your diet? That’s a question everyone tends to ask when they come across organic sulfur products. Well, the truth is that our bodies no longer get enough sulfur from the food we eat. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat; you won’t get enough of this important nutrient. But, why? When was the last time you ate fresh, organic produce?

We both know that our diets today comprise of processed, chemically-laden foods which don’t have important nutrients. Furthermore, we no longer use animal manures which ensured that nutrients such as sulfur were abundant in the soils. The application of chemical fertilizers has since eliminated traces of sulfur and other elements from the soil. These are some of the reasons why you don’t get enough sulfur from your diet.

What is Pure MSM?

You’ve probably heard of organic sulfur crystals or methylsulfonylmethane, haven’t you? Organic sulfur crystals are a natural, organic source of sulfur that is usually ingested to provide the body with the sulfur it needs for proper functioning. MSM is an organic form of sulfur that’s usually found naturally in the body. It’s, however, important to note that your body can neither produce nor store sulfur. As mentioned, sulfur should be supplied in your daily diet.

Sulfur promotes faster recovery from fatigue, enhances detoxification of body cells, promotes greater cellular oxygenation, ensures healthy cell regeneration, improves skin health, strengthens hair and nails, accelerates healing, improves joint flexibility, among other benefits.

Why Choose our MSM Crystals?

Most brands of MSM in the market are heated so high during production, something that makes them inert and less-effective. At H2O Air Water Americas, we use low heat to ensure maximum effectiveness of the product. Furthermore, we ensure maximum strength of the product by producing the largest granular flakes available in the market.

With no additives, no fillers, and no binders, our 99.9 percent Pure, Therapeutic Grade MSM give you the best value in the market. No organic sulfur product available in the market matches us in quality, purity, size, and absorption. Let’s just say we’re the gold standard. Most of the MSM supplements people use in the US contain synthetic byproducts. It’s time you started using an organic, 100 percent naturally derived MSM supplements right here at H2O Air Water Americans.


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Free Shipping on orders $67+ to USA 48! International Customers Click here
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